Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

Why choose Paul Hippauf Photography for Senior Portraits?


Technology and desires of today’s seniors have changed.


Seniors are telling me they want easy “share-ability” and they want the “WOW” factor.


Oh yeah, and fun, we want to have fun during the creation process; you and us.


Just having pictures to share via social media and e-mail is not cutting edge – what we have is.


First, a few words about some new products.

High School Senior Girl
High School Senior - Girl
High School Senior - Boy - Baseball
High School Senior - Boy - Railroad Tracks

Composite: A photograph of

you and a separate background

Location shoot – Grunge

 Location shoot – Glamour




Combination of still and video




Portraits in motion

Still images presented in a video format 


You have the choice of studio or environmental locations. Beautiful, dramatic lighting is used at both, so don’t think you can only get it in a studio.

Above is an example of a Cinemagraph.  A still photo over video.


A Portrait in Motion is to the left. It’s so much more than just a slideshow.


Both of these are really easy to share, no downloading necessary; just share a link with anyone – anywhere.


We have another cinematic product that we are preparing: Hybrid Portraits. The Hybrid Portrait is a mixture of video and still photography. We will capture your excitement, preparation and moving in and out of your still portraits. Again, we will have awesome music accompaniment.

Location options:

New and Exciting Products for Seniors